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Friday, May 08, 2020

Heliborne PC is Free to play from May 8th - May 11th on Steam Store - Link

Heliborne wants to introduce its players to the world of aerial combat under the buzzing of the rotor blades. You can take command of a whole range of helicopters from the 1950s to 2000 and let off steam on a large selection of maps in many mission scenarios.

Each player competes on a dynamic battlefield and supports their own ground troops, which secure their positions and build supply routes. Multiplayer Modes

Single player / co-op game modes
Single player / co-operative sandbox missions with procedurally generated targets are based on the frontline mode and are available on the maps Operation Nguyen Hue and Kosovo. At the moment they are constantly being improved and their diversity expanded. Historical campaigns will be available from the release.

Over 40 helicopters, each with different armament
The armament of each of our helicopters is based on the weapon systems that they would have today or used in combat earlier. You will not see any armament on our helicopters that is not historically correct.

4 historical epochs of the helicopter, from 1950 to 2000
It has been proven that helicopters made their breakthrough in the Vietnam War, and over the following decades, these helicopters became an integral part of our everyday lives. We want to show how the role of the helicopter has evolved over four decades through conflict and technical progress.

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