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Thursday, April 02, 2020

Mech Mechanic Simulator - lates news

So, this is how it starts. I’ve rented this old workshop, trying to start my business in Katwir – a new land of opportunities in 2121. Honestly, Katwir is a mess. And why am I even writing this journal thing? For myself. My future self to be exact. I want to open my tablet in a few years and see a long way that I have traversed and the personal growth I’ve managed to achieve.

And as a personal reminder – why did I want to become the best Mech Mechanic in this darn, corrupted world? There’s money in it for sure, as Mechs are everywhere these days. And people need professionals to build them and repair various malfunctions and damages. But honestly, I was passionate about them since they first became a thing – starting with the discovery of new materials that allowed humanity to make a huge jump in technology. Flying cars, androids and finally – mechs. It’s just fascinating to me the same way the computers were for my grandfather.

And here I am – in my small workshop with some savings for starters and this irritating android who will serve as my help. As I'm a new player to the business, I will need to start low and gradually take over the market step by step. I’ve got solid competitors in Katwir – the three largest corporations, producing top mech parts in the world. Japanese Sakura Technology, militaristic VI-CO, and luxurious Dauhasky. It's like a David fighting three Goliath at once, but I'm very confident with my skills. From one job to another, from simple ones to more complex tasks and I will finally get my producer license to compete with those giants!

Also – the more work I’ll get done, the more possibilities will open before me – including getting access to various new parts and different upgrades and jobs. I’m also very lucky to live in an era, where mankind managed to turn some choirs into actual engaging mini games. It’s kind of neat and makes everyday life a bit easier.

This is the start of my new life as a Mech Mechanic. And hopefully, I will one day "reach for the stars" and create my corporation that will mass-produce my original Mech.

Mech Mechanic Simulator by Polyslash – coming October 2020


  • Work with enormous, complicated machines. Deconstruct, repair and repurpose their parts.
  • Take one of thousands generated jobs.
  • Upgrade and expand your workshop, use and upgrade your equipment.
  • Engage in entertaining mini games.
  • Create your own corporation, build a mech and release it to the world.

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