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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Might & Magic: Chess Royale present a unique gameplay experience

Discover the first massive real-time 100 players auto battler in the Might & Magic Universe!

Fight 99 other players on a real-time chess battlefield and be the last hero standing! Re-discover classic units and heroes from the Might & Magic high-fantasy universe and create deep strategies in ten-minute competition!

Developed for Mobile and PC, this new genre-breaking game is inspired by a mix of the Battle Royale and the Auto battler genres, the two hottest trends of the video game market. With a High Fantasy artistic direction, Might & Magic: Chess Royale present a unique gameplay experience.
Choose your Hero, build your powerful team, recruit new units, create synergies and fight to be the last one standing!
Who will win the Chess Royale?
Experience a completely new take on the auto battler genre:


  • Experience the first Battle Royale auto battler, by fighting 99 other players in real-time
  • Adapt your strategy by analysing the most used composition among all the opponents during the scouting phase
  • Be the last Hero standing to rank up in the ladder
  • Witness a true social fest! See who’s left on the board, feel the crowd, and get a taste of your chance of victory


  • Define your own play-style by creating your team with unique synergies between Units, Faction & Heroes
  • Use the daily rotating Spell pool to gain an advantage on your adversaries
  • Manage your Gold and spend it wisely, as it is a valuable resource
  • Loose quick – win quick: be ready for frantic fights!
  • Adapt your strategy to an always-changing meta!


  • Discover the rich world of Might & Magic with unique Heroes, Faction & Units
  • Enjoy an appealing and distinctive High Fantasy Artistic Direction
  • Become the strongest Hero & climb the levels
  • Will you be the mightiest Hero?

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