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Friday, January 31, 2020

Crescent Sea Free TERA update Ride the Wave on PC this February

Free Update Including High Seas Adventures and Elin Valkyrie.

Early details for the publisher's first free content update of the year coming to their True Action Combat MMORPG on PC, TERA. Launching in February, the ‘Crescent Sea’ update introduces the elin valkyrie class combination to join her castanic counterpart, wielding a massive runeglaive with deadly precision despite their shorter stature. To make room for this new combination, En Masse increased the total number of characters slots to 23.

This update also takes max-level players to the open ocean in the Sea of Honour five-player dungeon. Having already taken to the skies and defeated enemies on soaring sky ships, the Sea of Honour dungeon brings players to the high seas of TERA aboard the Goldenscale treasure ship, where players must battle against monsters and other seafaring vessels and avoid falling into the briny deep. Navigating these open waters requires special attention: Players can only enter this dungeon after acquiring a Sea of Honour Voyage Map held by both dungeon and field bosses. Only one player in the group needs the map to begin the dungeon, with maps determining the difficulty and rewards contained within.

Additional details about ‘Crescent Sea’ update TERA on PC, including a release date for the update, will be posted on the En Masse website in the coming week.

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