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Thursday, January 02, 2020

Blood of Steel gameplay new weapons, skins and heroes

A change in a release date for Blood of Steel and the introduction of in-game purchases to the game. The Blood of Steel release date has been pushed back by a month to 19.02.2020 PST / 20.02.2020 CET allowing for the developers to refine the game further and deliver the ultimate action meets tactics gameplay experience.

Also announced is the introduction of an in-game store where players can buy a plethora of new weapons, skins and heroes to personalise their game experience. With a focus on keeping the game fair, any purchases will not affect the balance of the game and are purely cosmetic, keeping the core experience the same whether players have invested or not.

“The introduction of the Blood of Steel in-game store gives players the ability to create a unique identity with the new weapons, skins and heroes that are available,” said Cao, Game Director of YC Games. “And with the extra month before release we can ensure the game is of the highest quality.”

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