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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Dune Sea atmospheric platform adventure game on PC

Dune Sea features a Goose protagonist flying over 12 individually handcrafted levels, each with its own original music track, composed by Jake Butineau, creating a unique atmospheric experience.

Other than the Goose, Dune Sea is populated with beautiful birds and animals. Over time, the player will gain the ability to perform exciting aerial stunts, fly at different speeds, bank steep turns, and smoothly glide through feature-rich, detailed animated characters.

In Dune Sea you will guide a migrating bird that got separated from its flock due to a catastrophic event, which somehow transformed a fertile area into a hostile and desolate wasteland. In order to survive you would need to fly across beautiful landscapes of strange and foreign land, while collecting items and avoiding predators.


  • Learn to Fly
  • The game is populated with multiple types of birds, all featuring rich and detailed animations. You will quickly spread your wings and take off into the skies, where you fly in different speeds, flap, make turns, and smoothly glide. Soon you will gain the ability to perform exciting aerial stunts - and use them to escape danger.
  • Build your flock
  • As you progress you encounter other flocking birds that you can invite to fly together with you. With a sophisticated flocking mechanism, you will be able lead a flock of your own!
  • Chill and Explore a Low Poly world
  • The world of Dune Sea has a varied and diverse environments: dunes, rocky deserts, salt flats, volcanos and strange forests, all crafted with a minimalist low polygon art.
  • Rich detailed animations of Birds

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