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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Golden Treasure: The Great Green Out Now on Steam

Golden Treasure: The Great Green is a hand-painted game about choices, survival, and life as a non human being. Players take on the role of a dragon and must survive the tender and dangerous years of childhood, forging a path to maturity in the beautiful and deadly world of Earth in the Bronze Age.

To survive, you must hunt prey, fight other dragons for dominance, plunder underground labyrinths for treasures, explore the far corners of the wilderness and, most importantly, grow and learn about
the Great Green and its many inhabitants, from birds and beasts to ancient spirits. If you become wise
and powerful enough, you may just change the history of our world and the fate of dragonkind.

  • Over 100 hand-painted scenes
  • Three massive open-world areas to explore
  • Thousands of choices and several completely distinct endings
  • Full combat system with 70+ opponents and dozens of special abilities
  • Earn degrees of elemental enlightenment to grow and overcome challenges
  • Original 3-phase hunting system; stalk, pursue, and destroy your prey
  • First-person labyrinths to explore, each with its own story and treasures
  • Dozens of unique artifacts and ancient secrets to discover

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