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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Biotope, the first and only photorealistic aquarium simulator to date, coming to Steam on July 23.

Aquarium Simulator is the first and only photorealistic aquarium simulator to date. Biotope makes it possible to create populations of fishes and plants and actively influence their complete life cycle.
Face strategic challenges and manage the expansion and operation of the aquarium, with a limited budget. Cultivate, breed and trade in fishes and plants.

Biotope realistically simulates chemical and biological parameters. Keep an eye on values ​​such as temperature, pH, carbonate hardness, nitrates, and ammonia, so your aquarium will provide the perfect living conditions for your fish.

Use authentic equipment such as filters pumps and lamps to preserve your biotope and create ideal living conditions for your fishes and plants.
Many decorative objects are available to you to make beautiful and unusual biotopes.
Depending on the quality and performance of the individual components, their durability and impact on the entire ecosystem of the aquarium will change.

  • Entry: Choose from three Starter Kits: Empty Tank (Tutorial), Amazon or Malawi Aquarium
  • Budget: Use your monthly budget and keep an eye on the statistics!
  • Shopping: Browse the Blue World Store
  • The building blocks of life: Breed healthy and robust animals to increase the DNA rating of your fishes to the maximum!
  • Stress reduction: Take care of your fishes and keep their stress levels low. A stressed fish will quickly get sick and will not reproduce.
  • Decorate your aquarium: Create your biotope according to the preferences and needs of your fishes, and they will thank you with good breeding values and offspring.
  • Complete quests and earn additional budget for the expansion of the aquarium.

Features during Early Access

  • Care and Maintenance: Take care of a complex ecosystem and ensure the health of fish and plants.
  • Trade: Trade with a variety of items, fish and plants in the shop
  • Aquarium Editor: Set up your aquariums to your liking, place plants, devices and accessories.
  • Real growth of plants and fish.
  • Defects on devices: Each device gives up the ghost once. Keep an eye on the condition of the equipment and repair or replace it in good time.
  • Manipulation of the timeline: To experiment you can create breeding tanks with time-lapse! Use this to get fast results.
  • Economy: Use your budget effectively to cover operating costs and new acquisitions. Or fill your purse with quest rewards and trade.
  • Aquarist Level and Quests: Improve your level to acquire new content in the shop or to receive special quests.

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