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Monday, June 17, 2019

The Amazing Story Behind - Wonder Blade game - PC Android iOS H5

This incredible game faced extreme challenges throughout its development.

The adorable, critically acclaimed slash-em-up ‘Wonder Blade’ is coming soon to Android, PC, and consoles. But what is nearly as impressive as the game’s unrelenting hordes of zany enemies is the fact it was created by a single person, in China, against (seemingly) all odds.

The creator, who goes by the alias ‘Toby,’ fought tooth and nail to develop this game. From his work being stolen, to battling Chinese censorship laws, to poverty, he built an exhilarating, full-fledged 2D action game with very limited access to programming tools.

After graduating with an animation degree in 2008, Toby worked on a successful franchise called BioFrenzy. But the partnership with his co-developer fell apart, leaving Toby with nothing. He worked several jobs to make ends meet while teaching himself Unity, with the end goal of developing his own game. It took Toby five years to complete ‘Wonder Blade.’ But once the game was complete, he was unable to publish the game on any other platform but iOS due to the strict censorship laws in China, despite accolades from Touch Arcade, winning Reddit Game of the Year for 2018, and an iOS user score 4.7. Sadly, he did not have the advertising budget needed to break through the noise, and the game became the “greatest game that nobody played.”

That’s where East2West Games comes in. We are bringing this game, and the incredible story behind it to the world. The Android version releases June 20, 2019, with Steam following on July 7. Console dates will be announced shortly. Exclusive interviews, review codes, influencer and game site audience discounts, and contests are also coming to help give this game the signal boost it deserves, and to finally make Toby’s dream a reality.

Founded on September 10, 2010, East2West Games is the most professional and reputable all-in-one games publisher for Western developers in China, with equity partnerships with companies such as Oppo, Xiaomi, and MSY. East2West Games is continuously expanding the release territories of its titles, as well their available platforms, and is constantly pursuing new possibilities on mobile (iOS, Android, H5) PC, and console.

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