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Thursday, June 20, 2019

New screenshots for ONINAKI

Character Introduction:
“As sovereign, I have a duty to protect this realm from harm. And you, the living, bound as you are to life, have a duty to celebrate all creation.”
The sovereign lives a life of isolation, able to trust in none but herself. Lobelia can seem cold and aloof, remaining at a distance from those around her, and seldom appearing before her people. Indeed, many of her subjects would scarcely recognise her at all. To Lobelia nothing is more important than upholding the tenets of reincarnation, and it is clear she will not tolerate even the slightest deviation.

“If you stand against me, you stand against the sovereign. You stand against the realm itself.”
Lobelia’s right-hand man, and true born son. Since his youngest days, Leo has revered Lobelia not as mother, but as sovereign. There are no others Leo trusts, none whom he calls friend—but he has never begrudged her that. Leo follows the sovereign’s words with blind devotion, and pays no heed to anyone else, a fact which has put him at odds with the Watchers.

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