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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ludopolis a Remake of the Innovative Roguelike Undervault - PC Mac

Ludopolis is an innovative dungeon crawler in which you are the architect of the dungeon. The game is based on award-winning rogue like called Undervault with new graphics, reworked mechanics, and the story. Explore randomly generated dungeon, find the exit, and reveal hidden secrets!

In early 2018, after the release of Undervault, Andriy Bychkovskyi started dreaming about how Undervault might look like if it had proper graphics. And at the same time, he was getting a lot of feedback from players about the weak parts of the game. As time moved on, Andriy was getting more and more experience and connections in the industry.
Finally, in April 2019, he decided that he is ready to reboot Undervault. And in cooperation with talented pixel artist Yes I Do, he announced a remake of Undervault with brand new name Ludopolis. Shortly after it, on June 20th, a crowdfunding campaign was launched in order to raise extra funds for development.


  • Procedurally generated dungeon which makes every play through different
  • Unique rooms revealing mechanic. Use it smart to succeed. For example, place a chapel which kills enemies in adjacent rooms near rooms with monsters. Or place a bedroom when your character is tired, or sick
  • Survive. You need to take care of hunger, fatigue, and diseases
  • Follow the story accompanied by beautiful illustrations while getting deeper into the dungeon in order to reveal its mystery
  • Skill tree that allows to focussing on different play styles (fighting, stealth, room revealing)
  • Create new connections between rooms using a pickaxe, or by placing a ladder to climb upwards
  • Trading. Each trader in the game has a unique list of items and prices
  • Own a pet companion
  • Daily challenge. Compete with other players for the best score

Platforms: PC / Mac
Regular Price: $20.00

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