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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Cuphead for Nintendo Switch: What you need to know - Trailer

Cuphead is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Cuphead combines a unique art style and challenging gameplay to create an unforgettable adventure. Now, on the Nintendo Switch, that adventure can come with you wherever you go.

Back in 2014 The Cuphead game was announced however it wasn't released until 2017. Cuphead, was a new indy title and an immediate hit. Cuphead had a large following even before it was released. Noe Cuphead is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Cuphead is a running shooter game. What makes it stand out isn't the gameplay but the art style. Taking its style from 1930s cartoons, Cuphead's stunning graphics make it differ from the competition. The game has a hand painted style like that used in animation cells.

If you love games of the eight-bit era you'll feel immediately at home in Cuphead. The game is fast paced and not easy. You'll move from running and gunning down waves of enemies to epic well-designed boss battles. Despite how brutal the game can be, there are rules and it never feels unfair.

Cuphead has a co-op mode where you can play with a friend. One of you can play as the titular character the other plays as Mugman.

Cuphead on Nintendo Switch's release date has almost arrived. Arriving on April 18 and costs $20!
Having played Cuphead on first released I will be buying a Switch version.

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