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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Follow WWE Superstars on Road to the WWE 2K19 Championship - Free wallchart download

Starting today, a new tournament is taking over March: WWE 2K19 Tournament Turmoil. Over the next two and a half weeks, 2K will simulate a single-elimination tournament using WWE 2K19 that features 64 fan-favorite WWE Superstars to find out who has what it takes to grind through a bracket of tough opponents and win the WWE 2K19 Tournament Turmoil Championship.

The tournament is organized into four groups – Raw, NXT, SmackDown Live and WWE Legends, including WWE Superstars such as Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Ricochet, Adam Cole, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, The Rock, Ultimate Warrior and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The first two rounds of the simulated tournament will be held this week (March 21-24), with the regional finals from March 28-31, Semifinals on April 6 and Tournament Championship on April 8.

Adding to the fun, fans are encouraged to fill out a bracket and compete against friends, test how well they know WWE and see a variety of current and legendary Superstars in action.

In addition, as we head toward WrestleMania 35 weekend, keep up with the action on all things WWE 2K19 as WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge finalists, tune-in details and additional surprises are announced in the coming weeks.

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