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Saturday, February 02, 2019

The Deer God Revives released on PS4 PSVita

The Deer God, the breathtaking 3D pixel art adventure from Crescent Moon Games and Sydney-based Blowfish Studios, reincarnates this February with a physical release of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions from distributor Red Art Games.

Explore a procedurally-generated, side-scrolling world as a hunter who, after a tragic hunting accident, is reborn as a fawn. Seek karma’s favor through peaceful decisions or gain mighty powers by bringing terror to the forest. Grow into a mighty buck and search for a way to transform back into a human.

Venture through procedurally-generated, side-scrolling world as a hunter who has a tragic hunting accident, and in a karmic twist of fate, is reborn as a fawn. Discover wildlife, the perils of nature, and contemplative humans who try to communicate with this strange deer.

Death is not the end for the hunter, as he is reincarnated again and again, growing both older and stronger with each new sunrise. Eventually, the deer can grow into a mighty buck, find mates, and create offspring who act as extra lives on the hunter’s journey. Somewhere, the secret to enlightenment exists, and perhaps a way to transform back into a human.

Seek karma’s favor by sparing non-predators and making peaceful decisions on the path to enlightenment. Killing other wildlife with impunity might go against the seeming intent of the hunter’s journey, but in turn will grant helpful powers to keep him alive.

The Deer God initially released on the PSN Store in April 2017. Across all platforms, the title has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times. This physical release will be the first chance for Blowfish and Crescent Moon fans to own a boxed version of one of their games.

“Digital distribution opened so many avenues for us, but we received an overwhelming demand for a physical edition,” said Ben Lee, CEO of Blowfish Games. “Whether it’s a keepsake for a longtime fan or someone playing it for the first time, the physical version of The Deer God will take players on an incredible journey when it releases next month.”

The Deer God for PlayStation 4 and Vita is available for preorder from Red Art Games for €24.99 with worldwide shipping.

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