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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Play free retro gams in browser - Internet Archive - MS-Dos, Windows, Spectrum, Arcade and more 346,000 games

Here are some of the fantastic 'classic' games available on the internet archive and nostalgia kicked in. There's 346,000 different software titles they have stored on their servers that you can use or play.

Including Paperboy, James Pond, HORACE GOES SKIING are all available to play, free

Here are the first 10 games and next to each you can find the link the page for all games.



ZX Spectrum

and, Samantha Fox Strip Poker‌

The best of the rest

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
Pac Man (1981) (Atari)
Pitfall! (Activision) (1982)
Chuckie Egg (1983) (A&F Software)
Castle Wolfenstein (1981) (Muse)
Donkey Kong (VCS Remake)
Skool Daze (1985) (Microsphere)‌ ‌
Microsoft Golf 1998 Edition Demo

This short lists titles and it doesn't even scratch the surface.

The Old School Emulation Center is definitely worth a look at

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