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Thursday, December 06, 2018

Battle Princess Madelyn game released - PC XO soon on PS4 Switch

The long wait is over both PC Steam, and Xbox One platforms released on 6th December 2018.

Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 are set to release one week later on 13th December (DATE TBC). The delay to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 version will result in a special FAQ being posted shortly. This is to aid and assist gamers from feedback received, along with implementation of a patch to make the game even more brilliant!

Steam - Out December 6th - Price $19.99 £15.49 €16.79

Xbox Store - Out December 6th - Price $19.99 £16.74 €17.49

Nintendo Switch OUT 13th December - Price $19.99 £15.79 €17.49

PlayStation 4 OUT 13th December - Price $19.99

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