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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

The World of Dark and Light Doubles in Size as Shard of Faith Expansion Launches on Steam

As an expedition force marches towards Ganareth’s Shard, players are invited to take up arms against the darkness and save Gaia and her satellite from the encroaching corruption and abyss.

The enemy is strong and all-consuming, but with new powers of the ancient Faiths at your command, such as spells, runes, weaponry and other crafting items, you may quell the damned legions and bring the world back into balance.

"Being in Steam Early Access has always been about realizing the full vision for Dark and Light’s rich, fantasy world through trying different ways to optimize the core experience and introduction of magical and challenging new content,” said Ian Shen, Executive Producer, Snail Games. “Shard of Faith, is a definitive chapter in our game, and development story, as it expands the lore and it brings us a big step closer to Dark and Light being ready for full release with improvements that will roll out ultimately across the full play experience. We appreciate all the players who are on this journey with us and we’re unlocking this content free of charge as a big thank you for their ongoing investment and belief in the game.”

Shard of Faith Expansion Pack Features:
  • Traverse the Dark Plane Dark and Light: Shard of Faith unlocks a massive, brand new map area, to double the gaming world’s size. Adventurers are welcomed to Ganareth, featuring five exciting new environments for players to explore: Red Forest, Acrid Swamp, Howling Sands, Anyltheas’ Depths, and Broken Spine.
  • Ancient Knowledge: To aid victory, adventurers have been invited to learn from the ancient races of Gaia. Visit the villages and temples of the Satyr, Saurianians, Gorgons, and Necromancers to master Knowledge long-held secret. Gain the trust of these races and they may even grant you the skill of Incarnation, an ancient rite that allows adventurers the ability to incarnate as legendary heroes of the past.
  • New Enemies and Weaponry: Players will encounter all new creatures and epic bosses within The Dark Plane who can only be defeated with stronger Artifact weapons as well as new spells and items to support adventurers in their quest.
  • Improvements to Dark and Light: Shards of Faith will bring new performance and optimization fixes to the world of Dark and Light such as an improved questing system, faster load times, and less taxing GPU and memory usage.

Dark and Light: Shard of Faith, the first expansion to the popular fantasy, survival RPG Dark and Light, available on Steam for PC. Set in The Dark Plane above Archos, a massive, brand new map area and storyline to explore, has opened up free of charge for existing Dark and Light players and new adventurers can join the crusade against the consuming darkness for a special, limited time price of $14.99.

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