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Sunday, October 07, 2018

Stardew Valley Official Piano Album on Bandcamp iTunes and Spotify

The next installment in its fan-favorite Piano Collections series with Stardew Valley Piano Collections. Featuring the warm and memorable compositions of composer/developer ConcernedApe transformed into piano masterpieces by arranger Matthew Bridgham and performer Augustine Mayuga Gonzales, Stardew Valley Piano Collections provides class and comfort across 22 tracks and an accompanying sheet music collection engraved by David Peacock.

Stardew Valley Piano Collections is now available in digital and limited edition CD formats:

Stardew Valley Piano Collections on Bandcamp
Stardew Valley Piano Collections on iTunes
Stardew Valley Piano Collections on Spotify

"Three bonus tracks were added after getting official approval from the man himself, Eric Barone (ConcernedApe)," comments arranger Matthew Bridgham. "He was so excited for this album that one night he sent us the then-unreleased music from the update. I was of course happy to oblige, arranging these three the same evening.

But my job felt easy. Nearly every piece from Stardew fit the hands beautifully, hitting close to home."

The album features mastering by Jett Galindo (Sony/The Bakery), layout and design by Rozen, and illustrations and art by mnstrcndy. Most of the key themes from the game are included with the full track list as follows:

  1. Overture
  2. Spring (It's A Big World Outside)
  3. Spring (The Valley Comes Alive)
  4. Spring (Wild Horseradish Jam)
  5. Pelican Town
  6. Summer (Nature's Crescendo)
  7. Summer (The Sun Can Bend An Orange Sky)
  8. Summer (Tropicala)
  9. Mines (Crystal Bells)
  10. Mines (Star Lumpy)
  11. Mines (Cloth)
  12. Fall (The Smell of Mushroom)
  13. Fall (Ghost Synth)
  14. Fall (Raven's Descent)
  15. In the Deep Woods (Variations)
  16. Winter (Nocturne Of Ice)
  17. Winter (The Wind Can Be Still)
  18. Winter (Ancient)
  19. A Golden Star Was Born
  20. Mermaid Song (Bonus Track)
  21. Night Market (Bonus Track)
  22. Submarine Song (Bonus Track)

Learn more about the Stardew Valley Piano Collections:

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