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Monday, October 29, 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 how to find gold bars and make money fast - PS4 XO

Ways to get rich quick in Red Dead Redemption 2...

Play Campaigns - Campaign quests include robberies, claiming bandit camps and other worthwhile events can gain you serious money.
Red Dead Redemption 2 developers didn't want you engaging in tedious events for money. So by playing through campaigns, you'll earn most of the game's best weapons and other goodies without spending anything.

Find Three Gold Bars In the Money Cave - East of Adana Falls look in the rocks for a narrow cave you will barely fit into.
It's dark inside the cave, so either wait until daytime or take a lantern. In the centre of the large cave room (check map) you'll find a circle of roman statues (very strange) Look for the statue with a missing arm. the arm is on the floor close by. Place it on the statue, and press the buttons on each statue in this order:
Statue closest to the entrance - skip the next one to the right - press the button one the one after that - miss the next one - then press the next two in a row. Then the end the cave will start to shake and three gold bars will fall from the central statue. Sell the bars to a Fence (illegal traders) they are symbolised with a basket icon on the main map.

The Poisonous Trail Treasure Map - You need to complete the Gunslinger Stranger quest that appears early on in Valentine. Once completed take a look at the pictures from the quest in your inventory. On the back of one of them you'll find Cairn Lake.
Kill the person in front of the Cabin, enter and you'll find the first clue in a locked box.
This clue takes you to the Face Rock, which is north of Rhodes (marked on the map in script).
Look for suspicious tree stump, with a hollow in it inside you will find map with clue number 2.
Next go to a snake-like area near the Van Horn Trading Post. Inside the eye of the snake is another map and clue. The final clue takes you to Elysian Pool, just before it joins the river.
You have to go behind the waterfall.
Take the lantern and work your way through the cave. You have to drop down (be careful) onto a ledge then look for this notch on the right.
When you come out the other side, take a right. Go through the narrow cave tunnel then take a left. This takes you to a ledge, you have to jump down (be careful) .
Then follow the tunnel down, and you'll find gold bar treasure inside the rock.
The fastest way out  is to kill yourself. Sell the bars to a Fence (illegal traders) they are symbolised with a basket icon on the main map.

Sell horses - High-level horses get a great price in the game. Paying top dollar if you find a proper shire or race horse that you can sell at any stable. You need to spend cash to make money, because the best horses in the game are purchased from stables at Saint Denis, Blackwater and other locations.
Provided you didn't steal the animal from somebody else, it will fetch big money.

Sell Carriages - As well as selling horses, you can sell carriages to the Trapper. Laws that apply to animals aren't true for carriages and you can steal, and sell them, just don't get caught doing it as the bounty may outweigh the cash reward. No matter what you offer, the Trapper will sell you it.
Remember when you find/steal a carriage loot it first before selling it. Sell the ill gotten gains to a store or upgrade your camp.

Sell Animal Skins/Pelts -  Shoot plenty of creatures, skin them collect feathers and hides and sell them to any Butcher, Trapper or shopkeeper. Use your skills to track down perfect and legendary pelts for top cash returns.
General rule is: the best pelts have the fewest bullet holes and are the ones sold quickly.

Gamble at the Bar - Gambling is a fun way to make cash in Red Dead Redemption 2. Head to a bar and find a gaming table with Poker, Blackjack, Five-Finger Fillet or Dominos. Poker and Blackjack require skill to win. Five-Finger Fillet and Dominos are more random. If you win you can grab plenty of cash.

My favourite - be like me and...

Play as a Good Cowboy - Prices in stores are lower if you play as a good cowboy.  Plus you'll get the best price for an honestly owned horse. Try to make it through the campaign without getting a bounty on your head and you will make more cash. Already on the opposite path? then most bounties expire with time just as long as you don't continue to break the law.
Remember if you help others,  they just just could help you later in the game.

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