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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Property Magnate update brings New Features and more - iOS Android

For those that are new to the game, Property Magnate is the most realistic virtual reality property and investment trading game, designed to emulate the building of a real property portfolio on a virtual reality platform.

It uses real properties from the Zoopla database. It creates a real-life environment enabling gamers to search for, and buy, real life residential and commercial property on a market created by the game.

Here’s a list of the new, fantastic features that will be coming soon:

  • Streamlining – Some of the current features are in the process of being streamlined, taking on board comments and feedback provided by some gamers over the past few months.
  • Members Area – A member’s area on the game’s website will be created with new interactive features creating peer to peer facilities in the game.
  • Credit Brokerage – A credit brokerage is going to be included in the Members Area. Gamers will be able to sell their credits to each other thus enabling them to cash out their credits.
  • Chat Room – A chat room is going to be included in the Members Area enabling gamers to communicate with each other and sell property to each other in discrete transactions. This will allow gamers to assemble blocks of property.
  • Off Plan Developments – Real developers and their developments will be added to the game allowing gamers to buy property “off plan” and to visit those developers’ websites and view the developments coming on stream.
  • Property Auctions – A property auction agency is to be added enabling gamers to both buy and sell property through a timed auction.
  • In Game Bank – A bank is to be formed in the game allowing gamers to borrow credits against their holding and leverage their portfolio.
  • Commercial and Trophy Assets – A commercial and specialist agency will be added into the game to allow gamers to buy more commercial assets and specialist assets such as landmark properties.
  • Alternative Assets – Alternative and aspirational assets such as sports cars, yachts, jets and antiques are to be added into the game to allow gamers to use and diversify their wealth.
  • Competitions and Hazards - In addition to the bi-monthly competitions, faster competitions for shorter periods will be introduced, as will Charity Auctions and gaming hazards to speed up the gaming experience.
  • Property Renovation and Development – Gamers will be able to renovate their property and develop new property in order to enhance their portfolio value.
  • Overseas Property – Overseas properties are to be added to further diversify the gamers portfolio and experience.

Property Magnate game launched in June 2018 and has been a success so far with over 1500 players. The app can be downloaded on either the App Store or Google Play now!

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