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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

MX vs ATV All Out - New DLC Slash's Snake Pit released - PC PS4 XO

Slash’s Snake Pit, expanding the MX vs ATV All Out experience with one-of-a-kind tracks designed in conjunction with the incomparable rock guitarist Slash! Slash’s Snake Pit is now available to MX vs ATV All Out players worldwide on PC, PlayStation 4  and the Xbox One family of devices, including the Xbox One X for $4.99.

Slash’s Snake Pit features three of the largest Supercross tracks the MX vs ATV franchise have ever seen plus an FMX area. In addition to these new tracks, the Snake Pit also features a brand new custom gear set by Slash!

MX vs ATV All Out invites players of all skill levels to do it all - explore massive environments, compete in the best series events, ride freestyle and pull off insane stunts! All the bikes, tracks, gear, music, riders, personalities and even UTV’s are packed in!

Feature List

  • All new UI plus major enhancements to Rainbow’s patented physics and terrain deformation technologies: Rider-Reflex 2.0 and Real-Time Deformation 2.0!
  • Insane stunt system that tests your limits in freestyle mode!
  • Competition! Modes including Supercross, Nationals, Opencross, Waypoint, Tag and more, including all the biggest tracks!
  • Vast open-world environments to explore
  • 16 player online mode and 2-player split-screen!
  • A private compound including space for all of your upgraded and customized vehicles plus gear from the biggest brands in off-road!
  • The biggest names in off-road racing from around the world
  • A massive soundtrack, including exclusive tracks by major artists, including an exclusive track by Slash himself!

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