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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Hallow’s End comes to Hearthstone October 17

The time has come! Do you feel fear? For Hearthstone’s Hallow’s End is near!
The Headless Horseman is returning to the Hearthstone tavern from October 17-31 for another Hallow’s End celebration, and he has some tricks and treats in store for our players.

Tempting Treats
Simply log in to Hearthstone between October 17 and 31 to receive a free Arena ticket and a golden Witch’s Cauldron card.

The Great Hallow’s End Arena Costume Party
Experience a dual-class Arena with each of the nine classic Hearthstone Heroes attending in costume. Players who start an Arena run during Hallow’s End will choose a Hero as well as a Hero Power, and will be able to choose cards from both of those classes in addition to neutral cards.

Two Hallow’s End Tavern Brawls
Monster Smash will run from October 17-22. Wise monster hunters avoid the haunted wood during Hallow’s End, and the resident creatures are seizing the opportunity. Take control of a monster from The Witchwood’s Monster Hunt single-player mission and smash the competition.

The Headless Horseman Rides Again will run from October 24-29. Players will go in disguise to catch the marauding horseman by surprise, and you’ll Discover which costume you’ll wear after the Brawl begins. Each costume has its own deck featuring cards from several classes, as well as a passive Hero Power.

Hallow! Hallow! Bundle
While the monsters stir and the townsfolk cower during the fearful fun of Hallow’s End, Sir Annoy-o remains ever undaunted. Say "HELLO HELLO HELLO" to the new Paladin Hero and add 20 card packs from The Witchwood to your collection when you buy the Hallow! Hallow! Bundle.

Visit our blog post for additional details and have a happy Hallow’s End!

See you in the Hearthstone tavern!

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