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Monday, October 15, 2018

Game award dates for your diary

The video game industry awards season consists of nine major awards.
Most nominations are known by January 31. Most wins are known by March 21. Winners from each body advance to the "War of Awards" finale.

Anticipated dates for each award are as follows.

Golden Joysticks
Noms - September 21
Wins - November 16

The Game Awards
Noms - November 6
Wins - December 7

DICE Awards
Noms - January 13
Wins - February 22

Noms - February 14
Wins - March 13

SXSW Gaming Awards
Noms - January 31
Wins - March 17

IGF Awards
Noms - January 4
Wins - March 20

GDC Awards
Noms - January 6
Wins - March 20

G.A.N.G. Awards
Noms - February 14
Wins - March 21

BAFTA Games Awards
Noms - March 16
Wins - April 12

War of Awards
Noms - Nov 17 to Mar 17
Wins - March 30

War of Awards” is a campaign and event designed to engage the entire gaming population in the otherwise elite horse race of video game awards season. Each organisation's award serves as a "play-off," with winners advancing to the fan-made "SuperBowl" known as the live debate "caucus," where supporters anoint the best of the season’s winners at the March 30 event (TBA), streamed live from Boston.

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