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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fractured Lands Announces Season 2 & Free Weekend

Season 2 for Fractured Lands, a first-person shooter, last-one-standing game, will launch on November 6th. Fractured Lands breaks the mold with Season 2 by putting a spin on several new features. As vehicles in Fractured Lands are some of the most powerful and important weapons in the game, the new season will add the long-awaited semi-truck, a squad battle game mode, and 100 new customisations – stay alert, there is also one that is more than meets the eye!

In Fractured Lands players will find themselves behind the wheel of a customisable vehicle in a desolate desert. Take your bare-to-the-bones vehicle and upgrade them by searching and collecting weapons fuel and parts throughout the game. Use what you can in this post-apocalyptic setting, it might be your only chance for survival. Fractured Lands breaks the mold with an arsenal of customisable vehicles and weapons that will have players fighting to see who is king of the road.

After the Season 2 launch, players will get a chance to dive into battle during the Fractured Lands Free Weekend taking place November 8 through November 11.

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