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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Bohemian Killing new languages added - German, French, Spanish and Italian - PC soon on PS4 XO

Bohemian Killing the narrative-driven courtroom drama set in a 19th century steampunk Paris is the first game of its kind created by a real-life lawyer. In the game, the player is facing a murder charge, and he is tasked with exonerating himself by playing segments of the murder’s timeline in a way that disproves the prosecutor’s evidence.

Bohemian Killing, winner of the “Best Story” Award at the Pixel Awards 2016, has now received a massive language update. While the game has already been available in English, Polish, and Japanese, now players from Germany, France, Spain and Italy can experience this crime drama fully subtitled in their native languages, bringing the total to seven languages.

The audio narrative of this captivating story is provided by Hollywood actor Stephane Cornicard (“Spectre“, “Saving Private Ryan“).

Bohemian Killing is available on PC. Console versions for Xbox One and PS4 are coming soon.

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