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Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Conjuring House game - Prepare to be hunted - coming Soon to Steam

Trapped in The Conjuring House, you race down a dim hallway, weaving around overturned tables and scattered books.

It has been almost an hour since you have seen her, the demonic woman who prowls through the house, waiting to kill you at any possible moment, but you know she must be near. The uneasy feeling that has been slowly churning in your stomach continues to grow as you rush toward your destination – a safe room. A room that has been warded against any of the house’s ungodly creatures, a room where you know that she, and the other depraved monsters that roam the house, cannot reach you.

You turn a corner, the doorway of your safe room a shining beacon in all the darkness. Mere steps from entering the room, the door slams shut. You grasp at the doorknob, but it will not budge. A coldness creeps from behind you and you slowly turn around. A dark form hovers a few feet behind you. She is not just coming. She is here.

Terror comes for the living this month in The Conjuring House.

The Conjuring House will be available on Steam this month

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