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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Telltale Games closes - no Walking Dead Season 4?

The shock news that Telltale Games is closing with the loss of more than 250 jobs is a sad day for the gaming community.

Did anyone see this coming?

With games like The Walking Dead - Game of Thrones - The Wolf Among Us - Guardians of the Galaxy - Borderlands - Batman - Stranger things they looked like a successful company yet the closed within days. Will Clementine's Walking Dead story ever get finished.

The remaining 25 staff will continue to work on Minecraft: Story mode a Netflix game that due to contact has to be completed.

What didn't help the company was The Verge (back in March) publishing a story about 'toxic management' that lost their best developers to rivals...

“Some managers would try to alleviate the pain of crunch by supplying overtime workers with food or alcohol, “token gestures” sources say were an effort to make the process as comfortable as possible. “They were putting a Band-Aid on a wound that had been there for years,” the source says. “They were just trying to get their job done right now, but nobody was looking long-term and being like, ‘This is unsustainable.’”

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