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Saturday, September 01, 2018

Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush collectible card game ay PAX west

Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush is a one versus one nonstop fast paced no holds barred finger blistering every card for themselves showdown where only the swiftest and smartest survive. It will include cards for all your favorite Meat Boy characters, like Dr. Fetus, Bandage Girl, and of course, Meat Boy himself. Look out for some new characters too!

Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush will make its debut at PAX West from August 31st - September 3rd. Located in the Washington State Convention Center in booth # 835, a demo area will be available where players can learn Rival Rush, and full decks will be available for purchase at the show for $10. As an added bonus, PAX attendees who stop by the booth will be given a free limited edition card as a token of Team Meat’s gratitude.

“Kyle was over at my house for my birthday and we jokingly said ‘We should do a Meat Boy CCG for PAX'” said Team Meat co-founder and director Tommy Refenes. “It was a good laugh until we whipped out the index cards and actually built a Meat Boy CCG. Happy Birthday to us all!”

“There's a special place in our hearts for CCGs, so it's been an absolute RUSH to put the Meat Boy Cinematic Universe into a card game,” said Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush lead designer Kyle Pulver. “Rival Rush is our chance to really put Meat Boy in your hands without getting blood everywhere.”

Super Meat Boy: Rival Rush is available online at The Yetee for $10.

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