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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Play Subsiege for free during the Steam Free Weekend - PC

The unique MOBA-RTS-Mix set in a beautiful underwater paradise Subsiege can be played for free during the Steam Free Weekend! The Free Weekend on Steam started at 7 pm (CEST) and ends on Monday at 7 pm (CEST). Subsiege allows up to 12 players to dive into the depths of the ocean and fight exciting real-time battles! While the battle for survival underwater reaches a boiling point, you should always keep an eye on the most important resource: Oxygen!

Subsiege is an intense real-time tactic game with main focus on massive 12 player battles. In a grasping deep sea world, you command a hand-picked squad of hero-like units to contend merciless sea monsters and teams of fierce competitors while your oxygen runs out with every breath. Can you stand the pressure?


  • Freely assemble your squad’s ability loadout and snipe your opponents’ ability casters to foil their strategy. Coordinate the squad set ups in your team and freely define team roles which work for you!
  • Survive unstoppable oxygen depletion and hunt down your foes to steal their vital oxygen. No hiding, no defensive play – fast-paced struggle for survival action only!
  • Team up with a friend, contrive your unique battle plan and outplay your enemies. With shared oxygen reservoirs, resources and bases, seamless coordination and team work is crucial.
  • Massive 12 player battles
  • Dominate the 12-player mosh pit, master your squad composition and ability timing and crush multiple rivals in one ingenious strike.
  • Counter surprise attacks of insidious sea creatures and trap your enemies above merciless deep sea worms. Watching your foes being badly ripped apart never felt better!
  • Submerge into a fantastic underwater scenery, fight in between stunning illuminated corals and experience a lively underwater world with huge fish swarms, colorful reefs, thick black smoker clouds and steep cliffs.

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