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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Ironsight releases NEW content update to maps, modes and accessories - PC

Yet another major content update to multiplayer shooter Ironsight. The online shooter will now offer a "Cruise" map and deadly sniper duels in the all-new "Sniper Match" mode, in which each player is equipped with the same loadout: a sniper rifle and a predefined set of drones. The sniper fights are also playable on the new map.

With the new update, players are able to compete on a luxury cruise ship not only in the new Sniper Match mode but in popular Ironsight modes such as Team Deathmatch, Secure Point and Resource Takeover.

The update also expands the first person shooter game with many new items such as weapon skins and accessories, which players have to unlock through gameplay.

In summary, the free-to-play game now includes:

  • NEW map called "Cruise," introducing a cruise ship on the open sea
  • NEW game mode called “Sniper Match,” in which all players are equipped with a sniper rifle. The rest of the combat equipment, such as the drones and mechs, is pre-defined before the start of a match.
  • NEW Melee Weapon
  • NEW weapon skins and accessories to be unlocked during gameplay
  • NEW User Interface
  • NEW Characters
  • Improved Weapon Balancing

Simultaneous to this update, the company just announced that Ironsight is available in Latin America, due to a new game server in São Paulo. This significant content updates follows the company's recent announcement that Ironsight can also be played in Polish, Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese.

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