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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How to take part in the Warface Open Beta Test on Xbox

Open beta testing is coming soon to Xbox! Participation is open to everyone.

Open Beta Testing on Xbox September 13–17!

Testing is tentatively scheduled to begin at 12:00 GMT+3, September 13, and end at 12:00 GMT+3, September 17. To participate in open beta testing, you will need Xbox Insider Hub. You'll be able to use it to install the game before testing begins.

The game will have short and exciting PvE missions, the full-scale White Shark and Anubis raids, and dynamic PvP modes and maps. See you in the game!

  • Is it necessary to register on the site to participate in open beta testing?
  • No, it is not necessary.
  • Will progress be saved in my account after the open beta testing stage?
  • No, progress will not be saved.
  • Is an early access pack necessary to participate in open beta testing?
  • No, open beta testing will be completely open. However, for the early access stage, which will start on September 25, only players with an early access pack will be able to play.

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