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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fly and Fight for Your Life in AS+CEND 6DOF multiplayer shooter out this month in PC Early Access

3D space shooter AS+CEND will launch in Early Access September 26th on Steam - pilot powerful combat ships in ferocious clashes against other players in online multiplayer 1 vs 1 showdowns right away, with 2 vs 2 skirmishes and 3 vs 3 battles arriving soon after Early Access release!

AS+CEND features intense omnidirectional combat -- learn to master it as the battlefield shifts from deliberate engagements of deadly intent to frantic fights for your life. Utilise intuitive controls that allow you to move your craft in six degrees while aiming and firing your weapons with confidence.
Keeping your shields up and oriented to your opponent is the key to survival. Yet securing victory will require risking exposure to launch your own devastating assaults. With a wide array of weapons and an ever expanding toolkit, combat in AS+CEND is a thoughtfully frenetic experience.

In AS+CEND, each side of your ship has it's own shields and equipment, requiring focus to prevent a well-placed barrage of shots on an exposed side from crippling your vessel, and skill to launch your own devastating assaults on others. Whether you're a quick study who's able to learn these new tools on the fly, or a student of patient persistence who seeks to master the one perfect weapon or ship, victory is hard-earned and incredibly satisfying.

Beyond the wide array of kinetic and energy weapons, there are a number of special abilities that you can use to mix up the gameplay and throw your enemies off-balance, from ability modules to qualities intrinsic to the ship's frame itself. Whimsy Games is working hard to bring even more tools of destruction to the table, including new weapons, abilities, and ship frames.

AS+CEND Features:

  • Intense 3D PvP space combat
  • Unique and challenging omnidirectional combat
  • A large array of weapons, abilities, and ship frames
  • A constantly evolving toolkit
  • AS+CEND will hit Steam Early Access August 14th on Windows PC for $4.99, with a discount planned for launch week.

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