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Friday, September 21, 2018

Dungeon of Nazarick game released and Steel Sword Story game coming soon

Dungeon of Nazarick – based on the hit anime Overlord, a mysterious tomb has been discovered on the outskirts of the Re-Estize Kingdom. As a first-rate adventurer, you have received an obscene amount of money to explore and inspect said tomb. Keeping your wits on high alert, you take your first step into the tomb. Thus begins a terrifying ordeal from which only death itself could possibly save you.

Steel Sword Story – from the creators of 1001
Spikes, is a side-scrolling action platformer developed by 8bits Fanatics in Pixel Game Maker MV. The traitor Rufus has pushed the kingdom to the brink of destruction. Now, a man who was once
expected to become an elite Imperial Knight - but who was forced into exile for a crime he didn't commit - has come to help. Having lost his status, his honour, and the woman he loves, and with nothing left but a shabby, old steel sword, Azul the Swordsman alone stands up to take on the peril awaiting his former kingdom.

Full version will be available soon.

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