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Friday, August 17, 2018

ULTIMATE FISHING SIMULATOR is going on STEAM in its final version - PC download link

The game debuted as EARLY ACCESS (November 2017) on No 10 Steam Best sellers list.

Now there is a time for final version with tons of fixes, and with full content, like:
- 6 fisheries (7th coming right up!) from all around the world, 2 winter maps
- 4 fishing techniques - float fishing, spinning, bottom fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing
- dozen of fish species
- huge selection of equipment, including famous brand SAKURA (rods, reels, baits, decoys, hooks...)
- dynamic weather
- complex multiplayer
- extremely realistic water system developed by the studio
- optional underwater camera
- surfcasting and sea fishing
- ice fishing
- day/night cycle
- boats
- level editor
- item crafting
- an aquarium (coming soon)
- a radio
- new fish species, equipment, items, fisheries

Download link...

Steam link:

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