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Friday, August 17, 2018

TERA Plus Ninjas exclusive experience for fans at PAX West

En Masse Entertainment is pleased to announce its official plans for the consumer experience at PAX West 2018, taking place from August 31 through September 3. TERA will be showcased at the En Masse booth, number 7410 in the sixth-floor expo hall, and fans won’t want to miss what’s in store — literally!

The center of the overall experience is a hands-on demo for fans where they will join a team of three players who each represent a healer, a tank, and for a special DPS guest… the ninja! Fans who take part in the PAX West demo will have the first-ever opportunity to play the ninja before the class arrives on consoles. Completing the demo will also earn PAX West EME Coins which, aside from looking rad, can be exchanged for exclusive rewards at the TERA “Gift Shop” located in the booth!

Other activities that earn EME Coins include attending Matt Denomme’s (Senior Product Manager for TERA) panel discussion on MMOs for consoles and solving riddles that EME staff will be live-tweeting throughout the show. Fans will want to earn as many coins as possible as they can be exchanged at the booth for a variety of rare swag including TERA patches, exclusive art prints, a TERA steelbook, and TERA figurines... just to name a few!

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