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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Retro style 2D 8-Bit adventure platform game Nogalious on Steam PC

Nogalious is a retro-style action platform game that pays homage to the era of classic 2D platforming on 8-bit personal computers. Explore 5 different worlds and go through cozy dungeons as you revive the magic of the late-eighties. This is the first title of a trilogy that tells the story of Nogalious, his daughter Mariet, and the evil Darama.

“Following the success of our physical edition of Nogalious on PC, we’re extremely glad to launch our title on Steam too”, says Raúl Nogales, CEO at Luegolu3go Studios. “This game is a fresh breeze of classic gameplay that will fulfill the expectations of every retro gamer .”

Nogalious was funded from Kickstarter with a total of 246 backers. Since it’s release back in June, the game has become a legend among avid fans of classic gaming, which have ordered thousands of copies for PC. Physical versions for MSX, Commodore, Amstrad and Spectrum will be released in the near future.

For classic retro gamers, indie dev Luegolu3go Studios releases their vintage 2D adventure game Nogalious on Steam today. The game is available for PC and it costs $4.99.

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