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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Official Persona 5 fine art collection NEW prints Futaba, Haru, Yusuke and Joker and more

Supernatural Japanese high school fiction fans rejoice. 6 new fine art prints have been added to the official Persona 5 Fine Art Collection!

The collection will eventually include prints of all the main characters. The additional prints include solo prints of Futaba, Haru, Yusuke and Joker, as well as two more artworks by Shigenori Soejima himself. Fans of Soejima’s work will be happy to know that one of these works is the group shot that was among the winners for this year’s Into the Pixel award.

The prints are available unframed as well as in several high-end finishes. Most works come in two sizes, and the artworks 'Infiltrate' and 'Student Body' (Large) include an autopen signature by Shigenori Soejima on the Certificate of Authenticity. Prices start at $105.

The full Persona 5 fine art print collection is exclusively available from Cook & Becker’s website:

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