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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Of Ships & Scoundrels turn-based strategy and action game - PC Mac

Of Ships & Scoundrels takes you on a journey to unkown lands that wait to be explored and conquered. As the commander of your fleet, you have to steer your battleships through a beautiful scenery of little islands, fight against enemies and so-called friends - and sometimes also forge dubious alliances.

On this journey, no adventure is like the other, because all of the landscapes and quests are procedurally generated.

Of Ships & Scoundrels is a unique combination of turn-based strategy and action game that can be enjoyed alone or together via hot seat and online multiplayer, either in skirmish- or story mode.


  • Procedural islands in a Caribbean setting with nearly endless Variation
  • Local and online multiplayer for up to four Players
  • Day/night-cycle and dynamic weather System
  • Unique combination of action and turn-based strategy
  • Expand your fleet and build an empire of Harbors
  • Level up Ships and harbors to strengthen your power
  • Ships and harbours can be customised to suit your play style

The release of Of Ships & Scoundrels for PC & Mac is due for 2nd quarter of 2019!

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