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Friday, August 17, 2018

Manual Samuel quirky comedy platform adventure game on Switch

Manual Samuel follows the exploits of an arrogant trust-fund beneficiary, which closes a deal with death after a fatal car accident: Samuel gets a chance even to survive, but he has even the instinctive task manually for a single day govern.

Players must guide all tasks of Samuel, whether it is walking, blinking, breathing in and out and have to accompany this completely helpless people through an exciting day. Samuel must be tightened must drink coffee, go to work and are controlled by all the strange situations that may occur like that. Not so easy when you control a person who can not even pee without the greatest effort.
Manual Samuel contains try together to bring Samuel through the worst day of his life different game modes, including a high score hunting under time pressure and a co-op mode in which two players. The version for the Nintendo switch from Manual Samuel has Joy-Con support for local multiplayer, use of the accelerometer and continue - only to switch users - exclusive digital comics on the hardness of daily life than death.

To celebrate the launch of Samuel Manual on the switch due, Perfectly Paranormal have released a brand new trailer that acts as a teaser for their next game: Helheim Hassle. This platform adventure with deeper back story, the player moves into the role of Bjørn, a pacifist Viking who may decrease his body parts at will and re-combine. This ability he uses to solve challenging puzzles and escape from unpleasant situations that include, for example, Norwegian gods, goblins, dragons, beasts and angry rider.

This will be the second title in the planned Perfectly Paranormal called Tuesday Trilogy. Each part tells a story of its own with a unique selection of different characters, but all the tracks play on the same day. Over the Tuesday Trilogy we get answers to important questions such as: Why is war so tired? Why is the devil so angry? Where are the other horsemen of the apocalypse? Can the hunger really a kickflip stand on his board? Why can not the robot Robocorp see death? What's all this for weird stuff in the storage room at Robocorp? Where did the devil at once a sword from?

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