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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Top-down Combat Shooter Space Pioneer - iOS Android

Space Pioneer has been storming the charts with its fun, fast-paced action and is jam-packed with content.
  • Developed by the award-winning game publisher and developer Vivid Games, creator of the iconic Real Boxing series
  • Tons of weapons to select from, dozens of different enemy types and gorgeous cel-shaded graphics
  • Build your very own space base to obtain better upgrades
  • Lock 'n' load in wave-based Horde Mode for endless alien butt-kicking action
Budding bounty hunters who choose to take up arms in the pursuit of fame, riches and the satisfaction of an extermination job will get to choose from a deadly arsenal of shotguns, flamethrowers, laser blasters and grenade launchers and more - each with their own upgrade path for enhanced killing power. Players can also select different support load-outs, including portable gun turrets and an Orbital Strike for when the brown stuff hits the fan. Players overwhelmed by the alien onslaught can rely on their trusty robot sidekick to provide additional cover fire – as well as the familiar witty quote or two. As players progress through different worlds, they’ll be able to unlock skills to boost their offensive and defensive capabilities including increased firepower and shield enhancements.

From dense jungle planets to dry, canyon-filled landscapes, wannabe alien hunters will get up close and personal with a menagerie of overgrown bugs, flesh-eating plants and giant robots - all with a juicy price on their heads/thoraxes/tentacles. With each planet seemingly conquered, players will come face-to-face with the game’s main antagonist Xeldar – a multi-legged behemoth who grows stronger with each encounter.

Space Pioneer also features a vast variety of mission types and objectives from item-recovery to ship repairs. Gamers can also form their own space base to build and upgrade different building types, including the armoury for high grade armour and the workshop for companion upgrades. Upgrades also provide striking visual changes to characters.

Players annihilating enemies at a rapid pace can further their war efforts by taking part in Horde Mode, a sophisticated wave-based mode in which gamers must do all that they can to survive against a barrage of different enemies to reign supreme.

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