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Thursday, July 26, 2018

FPS survival horror game ZKiller -PC release

For gore gaming sickos, indie publisher The Gamewall Studios launches ZKILLER for Steam. This FPS survival horror game, developed by Chainsaw Games, is available on PC for $6.99.

ZKILLER is a First Person Shooter set in an apocalypse world in which waves of zombies try to kill you. Equip yourself with 30+ high-poly realistic weapons and blast over 20 different types of infected beings. Unlock and explore 5 levels to unleash the fury of hugely powerful bosses as you save mankind from extinction.

“ZKILLER is inspired by true horror classics such as Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead, Dead Trigger, Unkilled and Dying Light”, says Eduardo Monteiro, CEO at The Gamewall Studios. “This is the game for those who enjoy killing zombies and seeing their heads splattered all around”.

ZKILLER features advertising placements in which advertisers can show videos and billboards of their brands. The first ads to appear in this videogame are from Domino’s Pizza and AXN. Both campaigns will be running in Spain in July. The game supports multiple advertising in every territory of the world.


  • Apocalypse World – To survive, dance with the devil
  • Brutal Zombies – Look behind your back
  • Battle on Full-detailed and Big Maps – Explore varied areas and locations
  • Armory – Unlock them with ranks
  • Cutting-edge Quality and Graphics – Enjoy the epic effects
  • High-resolution Audio – Plug in your headphone

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