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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Download Mayhem Combat Fighting Game on Google Play - Link

Grab an electric guitar or explosive chili pepper and join the fight on the bridge you recognise from postcards.

Mayhem Combat, a complex arena fighting game from Polish developer Vivid Games, has emerged from the soft launch phase and is officially released worldwide today on Google Play. The time has come to unleash your inner fury and fight for urban domination in one of the best real-time multiplayer PVP games.
Mayhem Combat has been available on iOS devices since 28th June, with the game generating impressive numbers of downloads and engagement. The game was downloaded by around 400 thousand players and has secured a place in App Store TOP10 in more than 25 countries. The competitive-minded players have fought over 600 thousand battles in the first week of multiplayer ranked league and the best player in the ranking has received a prize of 1000 USD as a reward in first in-game competition.

Mayhem Combat is a fresh and exciting take on the fighting genre by Vivid Games studio. With Real Boxing being a one-of-a-kind 3D fighting simulation, Mayhem Combat pushes for something even more powerful and intense, being the only mobile fighter with platforming arena movement, including interactive environment elements. Thanks to that players get a product that allows dynamic competition even on the pocket-size devices.

Android users will have an opportunity to try various modes like 1v1, free-for-all, 3-character tag battle scenarios or beloved Battle Royale-like mode (10 players, one-versus-all). The goal is to outplay and smash their opponents, not only by wielding crazy, powerful weapons, but also using platforming skills and luring enemies into traps.

Mayhem Combat game features:
  • A raucous single player experience, full of battles to complete and tough bosses to defeat.
  • An outstanding online experience: real-time multiplayer modes, weekly tournaments, prizes and leaderboards
  • A diverse cast of 12 characters, each with their unique fighting style
  • 12 interactive stages, full of deadly hazards, surprises and items to pick up
  • Levelling system for characters and weapons – over 150 skills, abilities and weapons to collect and craft
  • Unique, wacky and cartoony art direction, powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology
Designed to be easy to pick up, Mayhem Combat allows you to have a good time playing casually with friends but sports enough depth to satisfy competitive players who want to challenge other contenders from all over the globe.

and Mayhem Combat is available to download via Google Play now:

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