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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Chinese Folk Music Game Nishan Shaman - iOS

A Chinese graduate team operating under “Project Kepler”, a special training program for Tencent Games' graduates, announced that its debut folk music adventure game, Nishan Shaman, is coming to the App Store this July.

Setting out to educate the world about Chinese culture, the team introduces a game based on the Manchu tribe folk tale featuring a traditional paper cutting art style with local Shamanistic music and a rich backstory embedded in cultural heritage and lore. Backed by NEXT Studio and Tencent Games to support innovative titles and minority cultures, Nishan Shaman has secured the Top1 recommended position on the pre-order list in China since the end of June.

The uplifting and challenging gameplay of this title is controlled via touch around the semi-circular area of influence of the titular character; players must time their drum beats correctly to in order to ward off the demons of the underworld.

The game is heavily inspired by The Tale of the Nishan Shaman, the one great surviving text of Manchu literature, where a female shaman resurrects the son of a rich landowner. Nominated for the Best Sound award at Casual Connect London 2018, the game features five background folk music tracks created by a student from Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Nishan Shaman combines rhythmic game mechanics with musical storytelling and will be available in 12 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and others.

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