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Monday, July 16, 2018

Bomb Chicken Eggsplodes Onto the Nintendo Switch

Bomb Chicken, has launched on the Nintendo Switch! Buy the game on Nintendo now .

Following a freak accident, our hero, an ordinary battery chicken caught in the system of the fast food industry is bestowed super bomb-laying abilities … and a thirst for revenge! Hitting back at ‘BFC” his evil fast-food overlords, Bomb chicken must make good use of his new talents and fry the bad guys with his newfound avian arsenal.

Players will be able to lay, bounce, and kick bombs in their quest to discover the darkest kept secret of BFC; their best-selling addictive blue hot sauce! Lay stacks of explosives, create barricades and ruffle some feathers to bring down BFC and make your fellow feathered friends truly free-range!

Created by the award-winning Nitrome team, Bomb Chicken features a wealth of gorgeous secret areas to discover, super simple controls, vibrant pixel-style gameplay, and delicious retro visuals that will leave you poached, scrambled, and fried.

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