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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dream Alone macabre dark 2D puzzle platform game released on Switch, PC + PS4 XOne soon

Dream Alone, the macabre 2D puzzle platform game from Fat Dog Games and WarSaw Games where players can manipulate reality, is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can face its nightmares in Q4 2018.

Having played this game it is both infuriating and addictive. The first issue is the darkness it was difficult just to see what was going on! There was no way to change the brightness from within the game. You really need the infinite lives to continue. Having said that it is addictive and requires split second button pressing accuracy.

Some will love it and some hate it. The time travel element requires you to collect the change items, and you need them, if you don't have them you CAN'T progress. You will need to die and start the section again until you've collected enough to switch

Transition between horrifying dimensions, seeking hidden routes past monstrosities lurking in the darkness. Spawn clones and control time to avoid deadly traps spread throughout the spine-chilling ghost towns, frightening forests, and uncanny caves of this grim and gruesome fairy tale.

Skillfully avoid traps and monsters lurking in the darkness and face challenging boss battles over the course of Dream Alone’s frightening levels. Swap between hellish alternate realities to look for hidden paths or slow down time and create clones to overcome formidable obstacles.

Dream Alone is a grim fairy tale in which a mysterious illness creeps through a once pleasant village, sending its unfortunate inhabitants into a deep coma. A small boy whose parents have fallen victim to the disease must venture into the dark unknown of whispering woods, ghost towns and howling caves to seek out the mythical sorceress Lady Death, his only hope of finding a cure for this wicked plague.

Inspired by classic, silent black and white German expressionist films, Dream Alone illustrates a haunting world through the grayscale camera lens of these old-school horror favorites. Chilling sounds from the award-winning Dream Alone composer, Paweł 'Fleczer' Flanc, complete the experience with dark, hauntingly beautiful tunes that will cause one to think twice about turning off the lights.

Dream Alone is currently available on Nintendo Switch as well as PC via Steam for $9.99 USD and supports English with subtitles available in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Japanese.

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