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Friday, May 11, 2018

TERA Corsairs Stronghold - fight by airship, tank and foot Free content and events - PC

Corsairs’ Stronghold, a new PvP Battleground for Level 65 players, arrives today for TERA players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In Corsairs’ Stronghold, two teams of 20 players will alternate between attacking and defending the stronghold.

As the attacking team, utilise airships, tanks, or battle on foot to fight your way to the heart of the keep and destroy the crystal inside. On defence, do everything in your power to prevent the oncoming siege! To celebrate the release of this exciting new battleground, all TERA players will receive a free Pirate Eyepatch to their in-game parcel post when they log in before May 15!

Corsairs’ Stronghold is just the beginning of a month packed with free events and content for TERA players on console this May. More player events and massive content updates are coming hard and fast and - just like TERA - it’s all completely free.

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