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Friday, May 04, 2018

Daemonical horror island adventure game teaser trailer

Daemonical offers more than your average demonic offers a modern action set on a remote island, offering a take on the horror movie classics in which you will never know who to trust or what lingers in the darkness.

As one of a group of humans, you confront a demon in game sessions lasting up to 20 minutes and playing the Demon is also a facet of the game if you are randomly chosen. Rituals, weapons, strategy, seek and kill are all part of this epic and thrilling game.

Player feedback is crucial to the success of Daemonical and Fearem intend to keenly listen to criticism and continue working with players in order to shape the game into something that they will love and enjoy during both the alpha, the early access and through to final release in late Q2 2018.

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