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Monday, April 09, 2018

The Tale of Five Kingdoms with Kingdom 5: successor beta download link - PC

Yhe story of Kingdom of Crystal - the five Ai Kaen, Wu Leke, giant Dole, Thanatos and Hess Ti Asia participate in the power struggle and fighting adventure, to defend the country crystal.

The elite limited closed beta test is launched where players can download on the Google Play platform, Kingdom 5: successor, be the first to get multiple rewards. Players can obtain Stars in Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao on the same server.

Play Kingdom 5: successor beta on Google Play elite closed beta testing download Here:

Kingdom 5: successor 10th April until 13th April elite closed beta testing gifts will be available

Here's what to do:

1. Sign in to gain daily during the IC packaging and testing an elite ruby* [1000]!
2. Plus additional bonus adventure elite packaging and testing!
3. Plus obtain Rabbi during the accumulation elite packaging testing!
4. Download first and send 4-star [* 1] hero select coupon number, for rewards on 10th April!
5. Participate in elite beta open an account, enter your data (transferred to game on launch) official fan group of players will be able to get 5 stars in the open beta * Securities random hero!

Unique 'pause' to reverse your situation! Hero Property beta test is a real-time strategy game

Players can experience the Battle of the kingdom of five, in addition progressing the heroes through a variety of classes. Experience over one thousand kinds of combat skills plus special effects can be opened at any time during the battle 'pause' system, when the world stops and the player can re-adjust hero lineup skills strategy and reverse their situation.

Special "time stands still" system allows players to stop time through real-time adjustment skills cast Policy

In the five hundred heroes in the kingdom, each one has six different attributes of water, fire, wind, earth, light and dark.In the general RPG game the biggest difference is that property between the heroes effect each battle and has a tremendous impact on outcome.

Test how great players are with a battle of wits on opponents, fighting tactics, using real-time strategic command mode battle!

One hundred kinds of animated heroes slay demons limit the impact of visual gem customised role-specific skills. In order to perfect performance: a strong Kingdom 5 successor - five Kingdom worldview background and characteristics of the hero, research and development part of the design team at the scene and the role of the module up and down a lot of pains! Whether beautiful sexy shadow archer "according Crow", domineering powerful demon king "drought with great courage," or a handsome armour of the Jedi "FIT" and so on hundreds of different styles back to the hero role, are into the fashion rich armour and clothing design, all heroes of their respective owners must kill large visually stunning animation. Players do not just play in the game, but a magnificent experience and detailed audio-visual enjoyment!

You can feel the fine quality characteristics orthodox Korean game when players actually experience the game. Hit a high degree of freedom play "kingdom 5: successor", can freely mix different attributes lineup hero, a hero for skills development are also original play, in addition to general everyday hero bonuses, players can get through the checkpoint task special items "devil gem", as the hands of every heroes skills tailored properties, even if it is dominated by the devil through the same kind of skill gem role will also have a completely different skill effect, allowing the player to develop a proprietary process hero also can come out of their tone!

High degree of freedom so that the heroes have encountered culture play skills to create exclusive features through the Devil gem
Agency news came to light at the same time, "the Kingdom 5: successor of" official fan group and the image of the official website is also synchronised opening, the player may at any time from now concerned about the progress of the latest listing of the game, pre-game activities and content presentation and other related information.

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