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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Get Caught Up With Omensight and Save the World - PC PS4

Omensight Mechanic - Taking cues from fellow time-turning mysteries like Majora’s Mask and The Sexy Brutale, Omensight brings a new “Groundhog Day”-esque, emergent, time-travelling mechanic to its already solid action-adventure base.

Playing as the Harbinger, an avatar of the gods, brought the world of Urralia in its final moments to avert the apocalypse, you will live out the same day in loops, interacting with characters on either side of a brutal war. Learn key pieces of information through each loop, and then use the “Omensight” mechanic to broadcast that information to characters to cause changes of heart and perspective.

Murder-Mystery - With the ability to store the information you gather through each time loop, players can use the visual detective board to piece together the larger plot and make informed decisions on who is telling the truth and who they should trust. The agency on choice is in the hands of the players! Is the passionate Rodentian, Ratika, your nomination for truth-speaker? Or do you pause at the composure of Emperor Indrik?

Art Direction - While at PAX East, the top piece of feedback we heard from fans when they stood in line for a chance to try out Omensight, was that they were drawn in by the striking visuals. Bright, saturated colors, and anthropomorphic characters with...well… character had people waiting in line for an hour just to get their hands on it!

Title: Omensight
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Spearhead Games
Platforms: PC, PS4
Release Date: Spring/Summer 2018

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