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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Copy Kitty new classic platform game now on PC

Blast Robots in Cyberspace!
Boki wants to be a hero but she doesn't think she has what it takes. Her uncle,Savant, sends her a VR combat program to practice her skills against an army of robot constructs. Will Boki become the hero she's always wanted to be?

Copy and Combine Weapons!

Boki can copy the powers of her enemies, and then combine up to 3 at a time. Experiment with over a HUNDRED unique super-attacks, as you fill the screen with spectacular, particle-spewing destruction!

Explore a Dozen Worlds!

Travel through story mode, exploring stages in unique environments, from a cyber-castle to a forest in flames! Fight giant bosses in epic, multi-stage brawls. Then play through again on Hard Mode which drastically remixes the levels! There might even be a secret world for those who explore all the game has to offer...

  • Endless Mode with 37 environments, and bosses with randomised attacks
  • Play as Savant, with completely different abilities and a 100 new weapons
  • A level editor, to create and share your own custom missions
  • Spherical penguins that you can bounce around the room

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